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      Phenylacetic acid

      Product name: Phenylacetic acid
      English name: Phenylacetic acid
      Alias: a-Tolylic Acid; alpha-Tolylic acid; 2-Phenylacetic acid; alpha-Toluic acid; Benzeneacetic acid; 2-oxo-3-phenylpropanoic acid; sodium phenylacetate; ammonium phenylacetate; calcium bis(phenylacetate); phenylacetate; Phenoxacetic acid
      CAS No.: 103-82-2
      Molecular formula: C8H8O2
      Molecular weight: 136.1479
      Appearance: white plate glossy crystal with special smell
      Melting point: 76.5℃
      Boiling point: 265.5℃
      Content: ≥98.5、
      Packaging: 25KG∕bag

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