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      4-Methylbenzyl cyanide

      Product name 4-Methylbenzyl cyanide
      English name 4-Methylbenzyl cyanide
      Alias:4-Methylphenylacetonitrile; p-Tolylacetonitrile; 4-Methylacetonitrile; 4-methyl-benzeneacetonitrile; p-methylbenzyl cyanide; 4-methyl phenyl aceto nitrile; para methylbenzyl cyanide; 2-(p-tolyl)acetonitrile; p-Toluylacetonitrile; 4-methylbenzyl cyanide
      CAS No.: 2947-61-7
      EINECS No.: 220-963-2
      Molecular formula: C9H9N
      Molecular weight: 131.1745
      Risk term: R20/21/22;
      Appearance: colorless transparent liquid 
      Density: 0.992, melting point 18°C
      Boiling point: 242-243°C
      Refractive index: 1.517-1.519
      Flashing point : 106°C
      Uses: intermeidate of perfume, pharmaceuticals and dyes
      Packaging: 200KG/drum

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